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We help to setup your security business from start to finish.

We can provide assistance with registering your business with your state, getting your licenses, getting your insurance, creating your custom forms, setting up your phone system, your website, and also help you to get business in your state.

We are the all in one solution you need when starting a security guard business in the United States.

What we do

Consulting Services

Business Consulting

We can help you to register your business with the state, create your company handbook, your forms, your invoices, and more.

Financial Consulting

We can help you to get your own merchant account, setup your QuickBooks, and more.

Sales & Marketing

Our sales team has contacts all over the industry and we are able to set you up as one of our affiliates and give you business.

Productivity Improvement

We can help you to setup your guard management system and customized reports for your guards to fill out on sites.

Technology Consulting

Our IT department is one of the best, we can provide you with a custom website, social media, videos, and your own phone system with IVR.

HR Consulting

We can help you with your Human Resources and get services like Aflac and more setup for your company.

Case Study

Back Bay Security Services

We helped to get Back Bay Security Services online, registered, and taking customers.

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We help security companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.